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The latest progressive jackpot slot from NetEnt is Divine Fortune. This slot was released in 2017. In Divine Fortune, NetEnt goes back to ancient Greece. Indeed, once upon a time, the now nearly bankrupt Greece was a prosperous world power. Among ancient, Greek art and mythical creatures, you go in search of gold coins and jackpots.

Divine Fortune has three jackpots. The MInor Jackpot which is set at C$2,000, the Major Jackpot which always has C$10,000 content and the Mega Jackpot. The progressive Mega Jackpot is what it’s all about. This jackpot can, in principle, grow infinitely. Time will tell if Divine Fortune will compete with Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods or rather with NetEnt’s Mega Wonder jackpot.

The payout at 96.6% is quite decent for a progressive jackpot slot machine!

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Why Divine Fortune? Divine Fortune gives you the chance to hit a big jackpot with simple but clever game mechanics.
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Divine Fortune in Brief
Software: NetEnt
Type: Video Slot
Reels: 5
Paylines: 250x
Total Coins: 18.000 x
Coins Range: C$0.20 - C$100
RTP: 96.59%
Jackpot: C$25.000
Bonus Round: Yes
Free Spins/Multiplier: Free Spins, Expanding Wild

Where to play Divine Fortune?

C$400 +100 Bonus Spins T&C Apply +18
C$100 +10 Free Spins T&C Apply +18
C$180 1st Deposit Bonus T&C Apply +18

Divine Fortune: how does this slot work?

Divine Fortune NetEntDivine Fortune has 5 reels and about 20 paylines. You always play with 20 paylines. That doesn't mean you can't adjust the bet. Fortunately. You have the choice of bet level 1 to 10, while you can also set the coin value. In terms of coin value, you have the choice of C$ 0.01, C$ 0.02, C$ 0.05,C$ 0.10, C$ 0.20 and C$ 0.50. This makes the minimum bet C$ 0.20 and you can bet up to C$100 per tick.

You have a chance of winning the jackpot with each bet. The jackpot can be won with the maximum bet, but equally well with the minimum bet of 20 cents per spin. The chances of winning the jackpot, however, increase with each wager. So with the maximum bet you have a slightly higher chance of hitting the jackpot than with a lower bet.

In the basic game you can also win decent amounts. Per payline you can win up to C$ 3,000 in the basic game. The probability of a spin yielding something is 20.33%. This means that you should win, on average, once every 5 spins if you play for a long time. This does not mean that these are all small prizes, by the way. Thanks to a number of fun features in the basic game, you can win a lot of money on Divine Fortune.

Divine Fortune features

There are a number of fun features running in the basic game. These features provide extra excitement and especially extra profitable spins. Thanks mainly to these features the basic game of NetEnt's Divine Fortune is also very enjoyable.

Pegasus plays for Wild Symbol. Pegasus is a white, flying horse with wings from ancient Greek stories. Every time a Wild symbol falls, you get a re-spin. The Wild symbol then drops down one row. So if the Wild symbol was on the second row, you get a re-spin with a Wild symbol on the third row. Was Pegasus on the third row? Then you will have to do it in the re-spin without a Wild symbol.

Pegasus pops up in all its glory in the Wild on Wild feature. This feature is active in both the base game and the bonus game of Divine Fortune. Pegasus scaffolds across the entire reel. The entire reel that Pegasus is on counts as a Wild symbol. Then you get a re-spin with all the Wild symbols one row down. This has the same effect as the Falling Wilds feature we described above.

Divine Fortune free spins bonus feature

In the old days, the Greeks thought that a mistletoe was the panacea against lightning strikes. A symbol containing a golden mistletoe and Divine Fortune also golden lightning bolt, is the Free Spins symbol. Do you have three of these Free Spins symbols on the reels? Then you may dock for the Free Spins bonus game.

The more of these free spins symbols, the more times you may spin in this bonus game. You can spin five Free Spins if you have 3 bonus symbols. Four bonus symbols will yield 8 free spins and five bonus symbols will yield 12 free spins.

During this Free Spins bonus game you also get re-spins if you get one or more Wild symbols. As an added bonus, each Wild symbol during the bonus free spins turns into an Expanded Wild symbol across the entire reel.

The Divine Fortune jackpot bonus game

The most important bonus feature of a progressive jackpot slot machine is of course the jackpot bonus feature. This is where the gold coin with an image of Pegasus comes in. You need at least three of these coins to unlock Divine Fortune's jackpot bonus game.

The coins are placed in a vase that is next to your game screen. You just keep on saving during the re-spins. For example, do you only have 2 gold coins in the spin? No problem. If you get one more in the re-spin, you can play the jackpot bonus game. You'll then have a chance to win one of Divine Fortune's three jackpots.

In the Jackpot Bonus Game, each field on your screen turns into a Jack Hammer-style reel. You start with three spins, which means that each field spins separately. The bonus coins collected up to that point are placed in random places on your playing field. Each coin earns you money. At least 10 times your bet up to a maximum of 200 times your bet. With the maximum bet you can therefore win € 20,000 per point!

How do you win the Divine Fortune Mega Jackpot?

It's all about the jackpots of course. How do you win them? Simple, NetEnt copied the trigger of winning from the game of bingo. Got a row full of gold coins? Then you have the MInor Jackpot and you are C$ 2,000 richer. Extra, because each coin can also earn you up to C$ 20,000. Two rows of coins will earn you an additional C$ 10,000.

Do you have all three rows filled with golden coins? Then you win the Mega Jackpot. The position of this jackpot changes constantly, as 2.99% of each spin goes into the jackpot. So for every euro you bet, C$ 0.03 goes into the jackpot. That seems little, but all over the world hundreds of thousands of players play this progressive jackpot slot. The jackpot counter can therefore rise very quickly.

What do we think of Divine Fortune?

We were positively surprised by Divine Fortune. Often jackpot slots don't offer much in the way of gameplay. You get to spin the Wheel of Fortune in a bonus game or the jackpot just falls randomly while playing. Divine Fortune has some really cool features. The Jackpot Bonus game can – even if the jackpot does not fall – still be quite nice. The golden Pegasus coins can yield up to C$ 20,000 per coin.

The payout percentage of Divine Fortune is pretty decent at 96.59%. That does include the progressive Mega Jackpot. 4.07% of the wager is paid out in the form of the Mega Jackpot. The Minor Jackpot scores a little higher with 4.51%, the Major Jackpot a lot lower with 2.98%. This means that without jackpots the payout percentage is 85.03%. Without the payouts from the bonus coins, this even amounts to 75.74%.Divine Fortune may look like a fairly complete slot machine, but winning is mainly done in the Jackpot Bonus Game.

The chances of winning something there are not even that low. The chance of clearing the Jackpot Bonus Game is 1 in 135. The chance of winning the smallest jackpot is 1 in 443. And the big, progressive jackpot? That chance is 1 in 26854 if you play with the maximum bet.

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